Sunday, March 27, 2011

And the verdict is . . . . . . MORE PINK!!!

We had our 22 week ultrasound last Monday. Luckily, the baby cooperated really well so we got to find out that we're having another little girl (that was Brad, Mya, and I's guess.). We're excited to have 2 sweet little girls and of course, I can never get enough pink in my life so I'm always happy w/ more girls. I already made matching skirts for the baby and Mya; can't wait til' baby is here to model it. More importantly, everything looked great on the ultrasound the tech said and we have a very healthy baby. She weighed about a pound and all of her measurements were pretty much average. Now it's time to get the nursery ready and everything on my to-do list done. 17 more weeks to go!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new addition to our family

We are so excited to welcome this little baby into our family. We got to do an ultrasound yesterday and it's amazing that at only 11 weeks the baby looks so big & developed already. This adorable little baby is due to arrive July 30th but since I'm having a c-section again it will probably be scheduled around the 25th. So excited to cut a week off of this pregnancy. We have our next ultrasound on March 21st and I'm dying to know what we're having so I can start planning & getting everything ready. I'm glad to almost be done with this yucky first trimester and hoping the 2nd & 3rd ones are better so that I can get something done before this baby arrives. Mya will be a great big sister; she loves babies. Hope everyones new year is off to a great start!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo look who turned Two!

As if Mya hadn't had enough sugar with cake
and ice cream earlier in the evening, Grandpa
decided to feed her a rootbeer float. Oh well,
I guess Grandpas can get away w/ stuff like that.

Jenn & Mya

Grandpa Morris & his beloved buffalo & cows

Mya's cousins & friends
My buddies & their kiddos: Jenn & Peyton and Kelly & Cole

Cousin Wyatt giving pony ride.

Cowboy cousins: Maddex & Mavrik
Maddex is already a better roper than his dad!

Mya turned 2 on Oct. 7th! Can you believe it? I sure can't. Anyways, for her birthday this year we decided to have a barnyard/farm theme because if you've read my previous posts I did today, you already know that she has been obsessed with horses lately. What better place to have this barnyard themed party than at Grandpa & Grandpa McConnell's farm. We started out her party at my brother Matt's house; they have about a dozen horses. We did pony rides there; it was Mya's first time riding a horse. She wasn't so sure about it once the horse started moving. She loved feeding them though. She would get a handful of hay and feed it to the horse & then say "AWESOME!" It was so funny. Then we headed to the farm for a hayrack ride and to watch the buffalo and cows eat their dinner. That was quite a hit. My parents have been working on redoing the old milk barn so it worked out perfect to have dinner & cake in the top of the barn. See that amazing cake & cupcakes? That would be my incredible friend Jenn's talent. You know you have a wonderful friend when they take all of that time to make something like that for your daughter. Mya got lots of fun gifts & has enjoyed having some new toys in the house. Mya had a fantastic birthday party & thanks to all of our family & friends for their help. We couldn't have done it without them.

Mya's Top 3 Loves

1. SILLY BANDZ - You can see from the above picture that this girl has no shortage of silly bandz. They are pretty much her favorite thing to play with and hold her attention longer than any other toy. She spots them at every store and thinks she can never have enough of them. The other day we were at the park a little girl came up to her and wanted to trade some silly bandz with her. It was the cutest thing. The question is do you think she can fit any more silly bandz on that little arm of hers? She is so funny about just wanting to put them on the one hand.
2. HORSES - A couple of months ago Mya grew this instant love for horses. I'm not sure where it came from (seeing how Brad & I are far from horse lovers); I guess maybe it's a bit of that McConnell blood in her. Jon & Alex were so kind to let us have the horse in the above pictures; she loves it. Just like the silly bandz, Mya has no shortage of horses. She has a huge stuffed horse, little stuffed horses, mini horses, and a hundred other little horse toys & figures. Not to mention the like 10 horse movies her dad bought her.
3. PARKS - Mya has to visit the park at least twice a day. Thank goodness our new house has a lot of parks within walking distance. This is one thing I love about our new neighborhood (there's 3 or 4 private little parks very close) and 2 bigger ones. She would live at the park if she could. I am a bit worried about winter time & not being able to frequent the park every day. She is going to have major withdrawls. I got a children's museum membership so hopefully that will help.

Look who's all grown up!

Here's my Mya girl looking so big! Don't you love this cute sweater her little friend Emmie gave her? It's perfect for her because she is quite the horse lover these days!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mya gets "Trooper of the Year" Award

Yes, I'm sorry but another blog post on Mya tonight. I just want to give this girl a huge THANKS for putting up with much craziness this year. Here's some of the things that she's been a total champ through:
1.) Multiple ear infections this year (many of them double ones). She just had tubes put in this month and she did fabulous with that little surgery. Sidenote - I have no idea how parents function when their child is in surgery. Mya had a 10 minute very minor, minor surgery and I was crying & the 10-20 minutes went by way to slow.
2.) Other various illnessess: bronchitis and yeast infection. We also found out she has a small umbilical hernia that if it doesn't work itself out by the time she's about 4, she'll have to have surgery to remove it. Another sidenote - Did you know that if someone has an "outie" it's most likely a hernia? I had no idea until the dr. was telling us this when he was checking out Mya's sometimes "innie" and sometimes "outie" belly button. I'm not trying to freak out any of you that may have an "outie" but thought this was interesting.
3.) Three moves.
4.) A pretty much total house remodel the month of June & complete chaos that month b/c of it.
5.) A working mom that's recently been scrambling to get things done @ my current job for the next person. August 6th is my last day. Cheers to haning out with Mya all day after that!
6.) Many hours in the car in July but was a great traveler overall.



So don't these pics of Mya spell CUTENESS all over them? Thanks again to Stacie for capturing so many cute pictures of my baby girl the last couple of years.

This girl has learned soooooooo many new things since I've last blogged. All I have to say is she's too smart for me already. I used to try and write down in her journal all of the new words she says but I can't write them down fast enough anymore. She basically tries to repeat everything she hears. Here's some of my favorite words she says (even though I think each word she says is adorable): painting, oh shoot, show, noodles, Jesus, tractor, yogurt, Stone, applesauce, swing, Grandma, Grandpa, puppy, church, hippo, elephant, chair, toys, and blanket. Mya has also started combining words to try and say sentences or phrases; here are some of my favorite of those: help you (I think this is funny that when she wants help she says "help you" instead of "help me"), need some more, I see you, watch it, and need mommy. In addition to building her vocab, she's been learning other tricks too. She can give you eskimo kisses (aka nose to nose kiss), gives fist bumps, count to six (w/ just a little help), march & say march while doing it, she's learned to move a little stool or chair around & climb onto it so she can reach the things she couldn't otherwise, jump high, attempt a peace sign and say peace out (mainly you just hear out), and when asked how old she is she holds up two fingers & says two (we'll she's almost 2 so I guess I won't bother to reinforce that she's actully still 1), and go down the big slides by herself. This girl is non-stop fun & craziness. I can't believe how she's this big toddler now and not my little baby anymore (tear).